PowerCruise 2017 Weekend with the 2011 Turbo S

Another year wrapped up with Powercruise USA. This event, if you have never seen before, is practically a roll racers heaven. Brainerd International Raceway is the host, and if you look at the track layout, there is 3.2mi of amazing turns and straights to really enjoy the performance of you car. There was a drag racing challenge, in which I placed 2nd, loosing to a 1300whp GTR, there was a huge burnout contest, drifting, and partying into the night. For me, the most fun is getting together with my closest car buds from WAY back in the day! Talking smack and catching up, makes for a great time!

The fun on the track were the cruising sessions. On the back half of the track where there are turns, you go slow or keep pace with other cars. Just like driving on the highway. No racing, simply enjoying the scenery and the bad ass cars riding along side ya. Come Turn 9, there is a short straight away. you line up with your neighbor and run what you brung! See who is faster. This is the warm up race, because ahead of you is Turn 10, which you round and roll race down the front 3/4mi straight away drag strip. Speeds have been reached up to 175 mph. NOT me of course, I heard it was done by others... But I sure had a blast running that Turbo S. Three days of these runs was tiring. I took my time, took a lot of breaks. But ultimately, had the most fun I've had in a long time!

So i'll write a lil about the car and its performance. Having driven many sports cars, Vettes, vipers, porsches, Audi, Benz, BMW, etc... this car was the epitome of a sports car. The car has different modes pending on the driving situation, Sport or Sport Plus. Sport is stiffer suspension, quicker shifts, opens the exhaust up a bit. Sport Plus, does the Sport "plus" 10x more bad assery! Revs stay up at 4K so the turbos are spooled and ready for action. The suspension is active dampening, all four corners, adjusting every millisecond. It truly was a phenomenal performing car. Hit the apex's perfectly and it just HOOKS and BOOKS!!! I LOVED every second of driving her. I took many passengers and they all were first time Porsche riders, they were blown away with how amazing the ride was. Nimble, comfortable, smooth, beautiful sounds... just a few of the comments I heard.

Overall, a fantastic weekend! Car ran like a champ, caught up with my friends, and made it home safe and sound. That's a successful weekend in my book!