Helping Friends...

My two good friends were in a position where they wanted new toys. The match maker I am... connected these two deals. Ryan W was looking for a VERY PARTICULAR Gallardo, we'd been looking around the nation for about a month, to no prevail. Another local friend of mine, happened to have the car that fit 95% of Ryan's needs. Mark S and I had purchased Gallardos about the same time. I knew the history of this well maintained and cherished car, so it was only fitting that Ryan would continue the tradition. Sold Ryan the Gallardo and the next step was to get Mark his replacement. A week of searching, we found the perfect ride for him in Tennessee, a 2016 Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode! Made the deal happen for Mark and he's a happy camper!
Part of why I do, what I do, is to help my friends get into their dream rides. The happiness Ryan has with his newly acquired Gallardo and Mark's replacement in the bad ass Tesla P90D, gives me great satisfaction of changing the image as a "used car salesman". My services, attention to detail and search characteristics, makes this enjoyable for both parties!

So... If you are looking for a car, contact me! I would LOVE to help you get into your dream ride!